Fossil fuel is going away very soon, and as there is only limited stock available in the earth’s core, it’s essential to move towards clean and sustainable energy sources. With clean and sustainable energy, it becomes easier to control pollution, save natural resources and have a healthy life for a long time. There are a lot of energy cable manufacturers like Ravin group, RR Kabel, and many others who are focusing more on the clean energy initiative.

The majority of the power cable manufacturer companies are working on clean energy projects for a better future. As every part of our lives is powered by electricity, it becomes imperative to move towards clean and renewable resources. Another thing is that Renewable energy is a new lucrative industry, which the Power Cable Manufacturers in India are looking to tap. As many enterprises are adopting clean energy with solar systems, serving their needs is imperative in these times. Be it the solar systems, wind turbines or even nuclear energy, everything is getting preference over thermal energy.

Mr. Vijay Karia, Chairman and Managing Director of Ravin group, predominantly aims at renewable sources of energy as the new frontier for the business. The Ravin group was the first one to introduce the PP Flute packing, which is environmentally friendly and replaced the wooden batons. The company has already been switching to renewable sources of energy wherever possible. Also, the group has introduced the XLPE in place of PVC compounds for all of the Power cables, which improved the energy efficiency. 

Due to Mr. Vijay Karia’s contribution to the electric cable manufacturing industry, he was awarded as Asia’s Most promising Business Leader and the Game Changer of India 2018. Not just that, he was featured in the list of India’s Top 50 Entrepreneurs due to his visionary approach to renewable energy and resources.

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