The concept of green wires and cables is pretty new but is gaining momentum in India. When someone says Green Wires or Cables, then it doesn’t mean that the Cables are green in colour. But, they are referring to the eco-friendliness of the cables and wires. Any enterprise or the industry opting for the Green Power cables is indirectly helping towards the repairing of nature and sustainability in the long run. Well, the majority of the power cable manufacturers in India are opting for sustainable energy, eco-friendly packing options, reusable materials and many other things.

The days of clean nature and breathable air are gone, and the pollution is on the rising side. If none of us decides to live a sustainable life, it would be difficult for the next generations. That’s why the power cable makers in India are working towards eco-friendliness and opting for environment-friendly alternatives for almost everything.

As most of the power companies play an important role in the overall pollution in the country, the power cable manufacturers are committing towards sustainable means to energy. With Wind and Solar energy, the entire country is getting clean energy in one way or another. That’s why it’s quite obvious for the power cable companies to enter into the race. Mr. Vijay Karia, MD and Chairman of Ravin Group, has committed to the sustainable means of energy. With the clean energy initiative, the company is working on ways to manufacture the green cables and also opt for clean energy resources at their premises. Ravin Group of industries was the first company to use PP Fillers Instead of PVC fillers as a sustainable and eco-friendly measure of packing.

With the visionary mindset of Mr. Vijay Karia, the Ravin Group is able to project its goals for renewable energy and the environment’s friendliness. That’s why Mr. Vijay Karia has received numerous felicitations and awards from top-level organizations. He has been awarded as Asia’s Most Promising Business Leader and also India’s Top 50 Entrepreneurs in 2018.

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