Mr. Vijay Karia, the Chairman and Managing Director of Ravin Group, based in Mumbai, is an undisputed figure in the power and electricity sector. With over 30 years of experience, he has and continues to work towards shifting the power paradigm of India, making it a nation with electricity for all.

Having graduated from Greenlawns Highschool and an Engineer’s Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, this visionary of a man aims to promote and propagate excellence in all segments of manufacture and make India a global hub for electrical equipment, with end-to-end specialized solutions both technically and technologically advanced, and with value for money and accessibility to all states, regions, and people.


Awarded as one of the Inspiring Entrepreneurs of India and listed amongst India’s Top 50 entrepreneurs by the Economic Times. Mr. Vijay Karia comes with a new and innovative outlook and planning, working towards providing an accessible and sustainable electricity supply to all of India.

Under his guidance, the ELECRAMA 2018 exhibition succeeded in its campaigns and new additions to the cause. The exhibition brought us many new faces, contenders, and congresses such as the World Contractors Consultants and Channel Partners Congress, where representatives and participants from the world over could discuss and engage with the Indian Subcontinent. He also went on to add that ” Global Electrical Equipment Manufacture’s Summit (GEMS), a global platform was also created for the first time for the electricity equipment manufacturing sector to engage and collaborate with to strengthen the industry roots further.”

Having led the cable divisions in the Indian Electrical & Electronics Manufacturers’ Association (IEEMA), he has engaged in successful ventures like Cable Wire. He has created awareness for the usage of quality products and has also launched awareness drives on the safety of electrical products.


Being an advocate for Quality systems and Transparency in the industry, he has launched several training programs for utilities across India and has not backed away in using his platform for pointing out inefficiencies in the government’s contributions. Especially in the Remission of Duties and Taxes on Export Products (RoDTEP) Scheme for which, as the Vice President of IEEMA, he pointed out the government’s “abysmally low” rates at 0.8 percent per meter for electric cables to 0.9 percent per meter for fiber optic cables and did not cover the input duties and taxes on manufacturing and inland transportation costs, which should not be fringed upon for infrastructural development.

IIn 2021, Ravin Group also secured an order worth Rs. 50 crores to supply specialised fire survival cables for the Udhampur-Srinagar-Baramulla Rail Link (Project USBRL). Their group had been selected as the project collaborator of this prestigious project undertaken by the Indian Railways for their distinctive performance, achievements and contributions towards the industry in the years through their service.

With an eye for excellence, Mr. Vijay Karia has played a key role in the identification and development of new technologies to solve small electrical solutions, later progressing into mass solutions at the same time encouraging innovative inventions and ideas for cable designs. His dedication and commitment to the complete removal of T&D losses for the sector and its utilities have garnered attention and active participation both from the industry and the government.

He has, through his associations with forums such as the International Solar Alliance (ISA), played an essential role in identifying the importance of harnessing Solar Power through tracking systems that reduce the cost of electricity and technology and provide us with clean and green energy. His efforts have not only made solar energy trapping for energy conduction possible but have also branched out to solar pumping solutions. Thanks to his contributions him and many others like him today at the global level, India is leading and pushing for its ambitious global electricity grid plans – “One Sun, One World, One Grid” (OSOWOG).